Zach Linsell, Paul Rice finish one-two in 55-kart 206 Senior at Daytona Road Race

Zach Linsell (right) and Paul Rice fresh off a one-two finish in 206 Senior at Daytona Road Race
Zach Linsell (right) and Paul Rice fresh off a one-two finish in 206 Senior at Daytona Road Race

Teammates Zach Linsell and Paul Rice worked together to outlast a stout 55-kart LO206 Senior Final 1 field Tuesday morning at the WKA Daytona Road Race Championships. The veteran racers would fend off other MGM team drivers, and a handful of non-MGMs, to finish one-two in an exciting contest to open the first of two days of racing at Daytona Road Race.

Early in the race, Linsell and Rice led a pack of over a half-dozen MGMs that included New Castle KRA regular Jamie Bradford, Florida driver Moe Edmonson and Illinois’ Ethan Dietrich and veteran Kevin Colborn. The group opened up a solid lead of at least 5 seconds over the second pack of about 10 karts.

What looked to be an MGM runaway turned into about a 15-kart lead pack late in the race when GoPro Motorplex regulars Doug Rink and Jame Russell along with Kyle Banovetz and Jeremy Yancey caught the MGM pack and started to make things even more interesting with only a couple laps to go.

But Linsell and Rice found their way back to the front and gapped the rest of the pack on the final lap, crossing the finish stripe just over 3 seconds ahead of third-place Russell. Yancey would finish fourth and Banovetz fifth.

Linsell, who will race Wednesday in 206 Senior at the Manufacturers Cup Daytona Sprint Nationals, spoke to us after the race.

Listen to Zach Linsell:

Daytona Road Race 206 Senior Top 20:

1. ZACH LINSELL, 2. Paul Rice, 3. Jame Russell, 4. Jeremy Yancey, 5. Kyle Banovetz, 6. Jamie Bradford, 7. Kevin Colborn, 8. Ethan Dietrich, 9. Moe Edmonson, 10. Keegan Clark, 11. John Morris, 12. Doug Kittleson, 13. Barry Taft, 14. James Michael-Sullivan, 15. Kevin Darling, 16. Steven Thomas, 17. Dick Timmons, 18. Hank Hefner, 19. William Gerland, 20. Joel Negus.

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