Vintage Enduro Kart Celebration Will Take Place at Pittsburgh AKRA / DKC National

Vintage Enduro Kart CelebrationThe Vintage Enduro Kart Celebration has been added to the schedule of round six of the 2021 AKRA Road Race Series September 24-26 at Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum, Pa.

The event will run at the conclusion of Friday practice of the big Dart Kart Club-hosted road race national. The 20-minute contest will include four classes – Vintage Twin, Vintage Open, Vintage Piston Port/USA and Vintage Exhibition. The race will be held on Pittsburgh’s high-speed and challenging 2.8-mile Full Course, the same course that all national classes will run throughout the weekend.

Special trophies and other awards will be presented to top finishers and entrants.

AKRA / DKC rules will be in effect and once pre-registration opens the pre-entry fee will be $80 and $110 to enter at the track. A Friday practice day entry is required to enter the celebration race. In case of rain Friday, the rain-date will be Saturday, September 25.

Arthur McKenny of Warrenton, Va., and Steve Benford Jr. are organizing the Vintage Enduro Kart Celebration in conjunction with Dart Kart Club and AKRA officials. McKenny and others will provide trophies and awards, and Keith Shampine of New Concept Media will announce the race and help publicize it over the coming months. Tom Speaks and Stacey Wagner make up the Tech Committee with more additions likely.

“We’re urging as many vintage karting enthusiasts to enter their karts as possible; there will be a place for everything vintage, enduro and sprint, and it will be a great opportunity to showcase your kart,” McKenny stated. “Our goal is to make this a true celebration of vintage karting. With the Pittsburgh national growing in numbers every year, it seems fitting we have our inaugural celebration at this outstanding track. Many thanks to Dart Kart Club and AKRA for working with us and allowing the first of what we hope will be many Vintage Enduro Kart Celebrations to happen.”

The class structure and information is as follows.


1. Vintage Twin

  • Vintage Twin may be combined with Vintage Open at the discretion of the sanctioning body or promoter or if there are 3 or fewer entries in Vintage Twin
  • Age 18 and up
  • Two listed Vintage Open Engines, all other Vintage Open rules apply

2. Vintage Open

  • Age 15 & up
  • Eligible Engines: Atlas 1; BM-96/96TT/97TT/100/104/107/130; Dap T-60/T-62/T-72/T-80/T-80A/T-80R/T-81; Hewland Arrow KE3/KE4; Komet K-29/K-30/K-35/K-55/K-77/K-78/K-78TT/K-88/K-88TT/K-99/K-299; Manx; Margay LMR; Parilla SS-21/SS-22/SS-23/SS27TT/TT-25; PCR 135R; TKM S-89/S-89TT/FF-99/FF-99TT/V/VL; All Vintage Piston Port engines, All Vintage USA engines
  • Engines will be stock appearing with one or two butterfly carburetor(s)
  • Manifold – stock or 90 degree permitted
  • Clutch – Any dry clutch/Horstman black or blue/SMC gold/Burco wet is legal
  • Open Pipe/No minimum weight/Open Fuel – no banned additives permitted

3. Vintage Piston Port/USA

  • Vintage USA may be separated from Vintage Piston Port and run as a separate class at the discretion of the sanctioning body or promoter or if there are 3 or more Vintage USA eligible karts entered
  • Age 15 & up
  • Eligible PP Engines: Yamaha KT-100, ARC, Dap T-50, TKM BT-82, PCR PP-100, PRD
  • PP engines will be stock appearing with Walbro WB3A carb only
  • PP – Race gas & oil only, no other additives permitted
  • PP – Any dry clutch or Horstman black or blue clutch or SMC gold is permitted
  • Eligible Vintage USA Engines: 100cc McCulloch; 125 cc McCulloch; 135cc West Bend; Any other US-built 100cc fan-cooled reed motor
  • USA engines will be stock appearing with one or two HL, HR, Burris or Mac carburetor
  • USA – Race gas & oil or methanol & oil, no other additives permitted
  • USA – Any drum-type engine clutch, Horstman 4 or 6 spring DXL, or any dry drum-type axle clutch (i.e. Bystrom, Hegar, Hartman, Proline, Tripp) is permitted
  • PP & USA – Open Pipe/No minimum weight

4. Vintage Exhibition

  • This class is designated for everything that is vintage but doesn’t fit in the AKRA/DKC rules, specifically noting karts with engines from later homologation cycles and/or karts with period-correct bodywork. It is also for karts where the owner/driver would like to exhibit their kart at speed, but not compete wheel-to-wheel with other karts. Class eligibility will be determined by the Tech Committee.

Click here for more details on the event.

Click here for a printable version of the class rules.

News and updates on the Vintage Enduro Kart Celebration will be posted on, and Facebook over the coming months leading up to the event.

Direct inquiries to Arthur McKenny at or 540-270-5193.

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