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    We spoke with Natalie Bass at Van-K Tuesday afternoon. First of all, congrats to Brian and Natalie on the sale. They’ve done a great job with Van-K over the last decade – almost too good! When we visited with Brian/Natalie in early fall, they were so busy that they weren’t sure how to reinvent their production methods in order to keep up with demand…

    Here’s what we know:

    – Ace Manuf.’s purchase of VanK has been in the works for only a handful of weeks, so this happened pretty quickly.

    – VanK Wheels, at least as we know it, is done in North Carolina. Equipment has already begun being moved out of the Troutman shop as we type this (Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 8).

    – VanK will now be located in Sullivan, MO, at Ace’s facility or facilities.

    – Brian and Natalie will be helping the Ace Manuf. ownership and staff through the transition, but it won’t last long. It sounded like by the end of January 2021 the Bass’s will have moved on from the business for good.

    Van-K wheels are HUGE in dirt / speedway oval karting but also really popular in 4-cycle sprint, road racing and quarter-midgets. Time will tell what this transition means for the karting industry. With Ace’s status and long tenure in the drag racing industry, we’d assume everything will be good!

    Also, congrats to the folks at Ace Manuf. on their acquisition. They’ve purchased a terrific, well-respected brand and product line.

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