AKRA Road Race Series opens with hot temperatures, fast competition at Summit Point

Report by Keith Shampine; photos by Bruce C. Walls

Animal Nationals winner Regan Vehring
Animal Nationals winner Regan Vehring

SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. — The much-anticipated Woodbridge Kart Club-hosted Summit Point Nationals took center stage in the road race karting world May 20-22 with the American Kart Racing Association (AKRA) / Hoosier Kartsport National Road Race Series season opener at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

Summit Point, the multi-circuit road racing complex located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia just over the Virginia state line, has been the site of hundreds of road race karting events since the 1970s, and this year’s May nationals on Summit’s 2.0-mile Main Circuit will go down as one of the most competitive in recent memory. With more than 160 drivers in attendance for Friday practice comprising 477 race entries between Saturday and Sunday’s divisions, the 2022 version of the annual event was likely the best-attended kart race at Summit in at least 15 to 20 years.

A number of story lines emerged from the weekend, but none bigger than Regan Vehring’s triumph in the Animal Nationals presented by 4-Cycle Central, Vehring’s engine and kart shop. The special event for the 4-Cycle Sprint 390 class for methanol-burning Briggs Animal-powered sprint-enduros attracted 32 racers from around the eastern half of the country and paid $1,000 to the winner plus a number of other payouts and special cash and contingency awards. 

Vehring’s second-place finish to Joe Adler in Saturday’s 30-minute contest and his win in Sunday’s main event easily made him the best-average finisher between the two races. Vehring also won Saturday’s Linsell Speed Shop $150 Fast Time award and took home the custom toolbox championship trophy that he made for the race. 

Southern Kart Club racer Robert Garland Sr. netted a P5 finish Saturday and P4 Sunday for the 2nd place overall and the $750 prize and trophy. 

Virginia’s Scott Heath ran a Kevin Darling-owned sprint-enduro for the first time and came away with P3 overall and $450 plus a $100 Hard Charger award posted by Steve Johnson.  Maryland’s Tony Wimmer and N.C.’s Sean Ballantine completed the top five. 

Click here for official results from the 2022 Animal Nationals.

Yamaha Pipe F-1 winner Randy Fulks
Yamaha Pipe F-1 winner Randy Fulks

Twenty-eight Yamaha KT100-powered laydown-enduros took the green flag in Yamaha Pipe class each day to make for the largest field of enduros at Summit Point in quite some time. With many of the best laydown racers in the country in attendance, competition was fierce and Illinois’ Randy Fulks came out on top in Saturday’s Final 1. Fulks, 68, crossed the stripe 2.4 seconds in front of Colin Jedrzejek for his first win in over a year. 

Patrick Olsen left the grid late and spent the rest of the race slicing through the field, eventually taking the lead from Fulks with a few laps to go. But Olsen slid off the track on turn 1 exit while trying to hold off Fulks, handing the lead back to “Mr. Daytona” and settling for a third-place result. Nate Grindell was P4 and rookie senior racer Kekai Hauanio P5.

Olsen would return Sunday to score the Yamaha Pipe Final 2 victory. The Wisconsin racer wheeled his LAD Specialities Coyote Bullet to a 8.053-second win over Florida’s Chad Dokken, who retired early from Saturday’s race. Randy Fulks was third in the weekend capper with Jedrzejek fourth and Rick Fulks fifth.

Ian Morgan won Saturday’s Controlled final over Todd Hayden and Joe Thomas. Hayden returned Sunday to win Controlled Final 2 by a 13-second margin over Thomas with Timothy Koen third. 

Steven Miller was the only Junior Enduro entrant, winning both days.

Briggs 206 racing was hot at Summit.

LO206 competition kicked off with Saturday’s fourth race group comprising CIK LO206 Heavy and Junior LO206. Virginia’s Scott Heath won a close battle for what would be his lone win of the weekend. Heath won by a 0.070-second margin over his teammate Jon Miller. National sprint hot shoe Eric Fagan raced at Summit Point for the first time and finished just 0.141 seconds back in P3. Bill Gerland was fourth and Eric King fifth of 12 starters.

Rylee Arensdorf was triumphant in the Junior 206 Final 1. Shane Smith finished a close second with Ryan Suralik third, Nathan Guerreiro fourth, Samuel Powell fifth and Zach Masaitis fifth.

CIK LO206 F-1 winner Paul Rice
CIK LO206 F-1 winner Paul Rice

Thirty karts took the green flag in Saturday’s CIK LO206 Final 1. MGM Chassis co-owner Paul Rice came out of retirement for the race and wasted no time finding victory lane. Rice took the lead early and led most of the race and before Fagan passed him at the finish stripe for what appeared to be his first win in a Rob Krout-owned No. 175 MGM.  But after post-race tech and a protest, Rice was declared the winner after Fagan, Heath and Jame Russell were disqualified for excessive pushing. WKC regular Sean Conlon was P2, Gerland P3, Indy Kassy P4 and Lee Hurd P5.

With thunderstorms washing out day two’s 206 Heavy and Junior races, CIK LO206 Sprint Final 2 was the only 206 race Sunday. In another hotly contested 30-minute race, Jon Miller claimed the win when he and Heath shot past Zach Linsell and Fagan at the finish line. The margin between the top four was just 0.600 seconds. Gerland rounded out the top five of 20 starters.

In other action, John Morris earned a close win in Saturday’s CIK TaG 125 Medium contest. Morris finished just ahead of Paul Kennedy and Clark Gaynor Jr. for the popular win.

Ohio’s Mallory D’Augustine came out on top of Piston Port Sprint Final 1 in only her second race in a sprint-enduro. D’Augustine benefited from a three-kart incident in turn 1 between leaders Jim Sorrentino, Ed Shampine and Ryan Hoskinson. The accident, which sent Shampine to the hospital with a cut to his hand, brought out the red flag after Shampine nursed his kart back around the track, driving to the ambulance for medial attention. He received stitches and is otherwise OK. 

D’Augustine won over Adam Trumbley and Eric Stockford with just 1.5 seconds separating the three. Jerry Apuzzi was fourth and Jerry Revely fifth. 

In the same race, Regan Vehring won 4-Cycle Sprint 370 by 6.7 seconds over Josh Nevels and Jesse Schwabe; Shane Smith won Junior 100cc TaG Final 1, Ben Eberhart won Vintage Piston Post and Jody Linthicum claimed DKC IAME Sprint.

Pascual Torres and Stevie Young each won shifter races Saturday. Torres captured the CIK 125 Shifter final by an 11-second margin over Rob Morris, while Young took the Stock Honda Lite final by just 0.070 seconds over Steven Waddell; Torres was a close third.

Makena Rice won the 17-kart 100cc Air Cooled TaG final Saturday by a 22-second advantage over the remainder of the top five. Clark Gaynor Jr. was second by a slim margin over Eric King, Trevor Smyth and David Casaperalta. Second through fifth was nose to tail at the finish.

In the same race group Saturday, Sebastian Sagastume won CIK TaG 125 Heavy by a kart-length over Indy Kassy. Robert Wimmer was third.

Summit Point photo gallery HERE

Summit Point Nationals top-five results (click here for MyLaps results page):

Saturday, May 21

Race 1

Cadet Sprint F-1
1. Madison Ulm
2. Riley Morgan
3. Marcus Wolfe
4. Levi Smith
5. Gwen McLean

Race 2

CIK TaG 125 Medium F-1
1. John Morris
2. Paul Kennedy
3. Clark Gaynor Jr.
4. Sebastian Bushey
5. Brendon Davis

DKC IAME Sprint F-1
1. Jody Linthicum
2. Dennis Whittaker
3. Dennis Whittaker Jr.
4. Arlan Brady
5. Gary Sircy

Piston Port Sprint F-1
1. Mallory D’Augustine
2. Adam Trumbley
3. Eric Stockford
4. Gerald Appuzi
5. Jerry Revely

Vintage Piston Port F-1
1. Ben Eberhart
2. Gary Ellis
3. Fred Stoll
4. Tony Ellison

Junior 100cc TaG F-1
1. Shane Smith
2. Nathan Guerreiro
3. Aiden Astarb
4. Caitlyn Ulm

4-Cycle Sprint 370 F-1
1. Regan Vehring
2. Josh Nevels
3. Jesse Schwabe
4. Robert Garland
5. Tony Wimmer

Race 3

Controlled F-1
1. Ian Morgan
2. Todd Hayden
3. Joe Thomas
4. Jonathan Scavuzzo
5. Timothy Koen

Yamaha Pipe F-1
1. Randy Fulks
2. Colin Jedrzejek
3. Patrick Olsen
4. Nate Grindell
5. Kekai Hauanio

Super Kart 250 F-1
1. Andy Kiker
2. Paul Gatto
3. Brandon Schenkel
4. Jeremy Baldi

Unlimited F-1
1. J. Michael Long
2. Mark Kupper
3. George Sunderland
4. Kristina Griffith
5. Matthew Baldi

Race 4

CIK LO206 Sprint Heavy F-1
1. Scott Heath
2. Jon Miller
3. Eric Fagan
4. William Gerland
5. Eric King

Junior LO206 Sprint F-1
1. Rylee Arensdorf
2. Shane Smith
3. Ryan Suralik
4. Nathan Guerreiro
5. Samuel Powell

Race 5
4-Cycle Sprint 390 F-1 (Animal National)
1. Joe Adler
2. Regan Vehring
3. Tony Wimmer
4. Scott Heath
5. Robert Garland Sr.

Race 6

CIK 125 Shifter F-1
1. Pascual Torres
2. Rob Morris
3. David L. Harding
4. Steven Waddell
5. Mark Eller

Stock Honda Heavy F-1
1. Juan Carlos Peirano

G-125 Sprint Shifter F-1
1. Joseph Wallace
2. Lance Witt
3. Randy McDaniel

B Stock
1. Dusty Dean
2. Michael White
3. Thomas O’Relly

Race 7

CIK LO206 Sprint F-1
1. Paul Rice
2. Sean Conlon
3. William Gerland
4. Indy Kassy
5. Lee Hurd

Race 8

Stock Honda Lite F-1
1. Stevie Young
2. Steven Waddell
3. Pascual Torres
4. Mark Eller
5. David L. Harding

CIK TaG 125 Heavy F-1
1. Sebastian Sagastume
2. Indy Kassy
3. Robert Wimmer
4. Raul Escobar
5. Dan Dragoi

Yamaha Sprint F-1
1. Ryan Hoskinson
2. Mallory D’Augustine
3. Robert Hoskinson
4. Louis Magiera
5. Greg Taylor

100cc TaG F-1
1. Makena Rice
2. Clark Gaynor Jr.
3. Eric King
4. Trevor Smyth
5. David Casaperalta

Cadet Sprint F-1
1. Madison Ulm

Race 9

Junior Enduro F-1
1. Steven Miller

Formula 100 F-1
1. Katie Johnson

100cc Piston Port F-1
1. Chad Dokken

WKC LO Vintage Euro
1. Ben Eberhart
2. Chuck Morgan
3. Bill Trumbley
4. Robert Lilly Jr.
5. Bob Young

Vintage Open F-1
1. Ben Eberhart
2. Charles Cassell

WKC LO Vintage USA
1. Caitlyn Griffith
2. William T. Anderson
3. Larry Collins

100cc AC TaG Enduro F-1
1. Shane Hayden
2. Todd Hayden

Sunday, May 22

Race 1

Cadet Sprint F-1
1. Madison Ulm
2. Riley Morgan
3. Levi Smith
4. Marcus Wolfe
5. Gwen McLean

Race 2

4-Cycle Sprint 390 F-2 (Animal National)
1. Regan Vehring
2. Sean Ballantine
3. Kyle Banovetz
4. Robert Garland Sr.
5. Scott Heath

Race 3

Controlled F-2
1. Todd Hayden
2. Joe Thomas
3. Timothy Koen

Yamaha Pipe F-2
1. Patrick Olsen
2. Chad Dokken
3. Randy Fulks
4. Colin Jedrzejek
5. Rick Fulks

Junior Enduro F-2
1. Steven Miller

Race 4

CIK LO206 Sprint F-2
1. Jon Miller
2. Scott Heath
3. Zachary Linsell
4. Eric Fagan
5. William Gerland

Race 5

CIK TaG 125 Medium F-2
1. John Morris
2. Paul Kennedy
3. Indy Kassy
4. Sebastian Bushey
5. Brendon Davis

DKC IAME Sprint F-2
1. Makena Rice
2. Clark Gaynor Jr.
3. Arlan Brady
4. Jody Linthicum
5. Robert Wimmer

Piston Port Sprint F-2
1. Jim Sorrentino
2. Eric Stockford
3. Adam Trumbley
4. Mallory D’Augustine
5. Gerald Apuzzi

4-Cycle Sprint 370 F-2
1. Robert O’Dell
2. Jesse Schwabe
3. Tony Wimmer
4. Robert Garland
5. Michael O’Dell

Junior 100cc TaG F-2
1. Aiden Astarb
2. Caitlyn Ulm
3. Shane Smith

Race 6 (rain shortened)

Super Kart 250 F-2
1. Brandon Schenkel

Unlimited F-2
1. J. Michael Long
2. Rob Morris
3. Kristina Griffith
4. Mark Kupper

Stock Honda Lite F-2
1. Pascual Torres
2. Steven Waddell
3. Stevie Young
4. Mark Eller
5. David L. Harding

100cc AC TaG Enduro F-2
1. Shane Hayden
2. Todd Hayden

Vintage Piston Port F-2
1. Ben Eberhart
2. Tony Ellison
3. Gary Ellis

Formula 100 F-2
1. Katie Johnson

Race 7 (rain out)

CIK LO206 Sprint Heavy F-2;
Junior LO206 Sprint F-2.

Race 8 (rain tires)

100cc TaG F-2 
1. David Casaperalta
2. Ryan Miller
3. Makena Rice
4. Robert Hermansader
5. Eric King

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